Customize date format
  • Allow changing of the date format in preferences. Use the US format as default.
  • Disabling linking to the Safari extension (until we push a fix to it)
  • Fix code block background in dark mode
  • Don't copy triple backticks from code block
Release Reflect. Offline Mode. Internationalization fixes.
  • Release offline mode and sync
  • Fix typos in website copy
  • Fix clickjacking issue
  • Ensure that logged in user doesn't appear amongst meeting attendees
  • Offline sync merge improvements
  • Fix where the subject of new notes wasn't synced properly
  • cmd d
    keyboard shortcut fix
  • Fix for selecting calendars where user has tons of calendars which require paginating
  • Lots and lots of internationalization fixes
    . Fixing inputs of CJK IME. You can now create non-english tags.
Markdown export, multiple Google calendars, and more
Hello there! It's been a while. Thank you for your patience - we took a bit of a break over Christmas but we've been diligently working on a new Reflect release.
We've got some neat new features for you. But this release also has a lot of work going on behind the scenes to set us up for some really cool stuff in the future.
  • Markdown notes export (under graph preferences)
  • Daily notes backup to hard-drive (see under graph preferences)
  • Support multiple Google Calendars
  • Dark-mode search in Electron fixed
  • Lots of editing bugs fixed
  • A quick way to remove all attendees from a meeting
Disabled offline mode
We have shipped a new release of both the web and iOS apps that disables offline editing. This is because we were seeing issues with in rare occasions syncs overwriting each other.
We aim to resolve this properly with transactions and a conflict resolution system that should be done by late January.
For more information:
New Electron (desktop) app
Only change is to add a right-click context menu with editing options.
CleanShot 2021-11-28 at 18
New iOS release
Yesterday we released a new TestFlight build for the iOS app. This features:
  • Native keyboard editing (which has a dramatic effect on the speed of the app)
  • Inline backlink/tagging (much faster to backlink/tag)
  • Backlinks are now below the note (faster to access)
  • Squash lots of bugs
Huge kudus goes to Ocavue and Vojtech here.
Desktop/Web: Minor bug-fix release
  • Change expand/collapse shortcut to
    option meta [
  • Fix bug where autolink would only work on space, not return
  • Fix bugs where tags could have spaces in them
  • Fix bug where searching for 9999 would crash app
  • New design for /auth
  • Move to revue from Substack
New Reflect desktop/web app release
  • Support markdown paste!
  • Fixed editor overflow issue on mobile
  • Do not display daily notes in recently edited notes (cmd+k)
  • Add shortcuts for moving list-items up/down (option+up/down)
  • Use // for aliasing instead of /
  • cmd+/ now toggles the keyboard shortcuts panel
  • Add Safari extension to downloads
  • Fixed a bug where collapsed list-item contents could be edited/deleted