Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We've added the new GPT-4o into Reflect.
This makes Reflect’s AI voice transcriber, AI assistant and the chat with your notes much faster. GPT-4o also allows for substantially larger context windows, so you can give the AI a lot more text to work with.
We’ve added support for international keyboards.
By default, Reflect will automatically detect what keyboard your system is set to. If you’re multilingual, it even works when you toggle between different keyboard languages.
The one exception is when you are using Reflect in Safari, so we’ve also added the ability to manually select the layout in your preferences.
💡Tip: click on the question mark next to your profile name in the lower left corner of the app, then click “Keyboard shortcuts”. Here you’ll be able to see what the custom shortcuts are for your language.
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Reflect’s iPhone app has been out of beta for quite a while, but has remained in TestFlight (Apple’s developer platform), until now.
The app is functionally the same as the TestFlight app, but we recommend uninstalling the old app and downloading the new one from the App Store. This is where future updates will be made.
You can download Reflect from the App Store here.
🛠️ Other Updates and fixes:
  • Fixed backlink picker highlighting for note aliases
  • Improved case-sensitive alias matching
  • Fixed backlink matching for emojis
  • Updated models to use GPT-4-turbo
  • Do not auto-create tags from pastes
  • Re-enable macOS level audio recording (i.e. record zoom meetings)
  • Localized non-US keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved the performance of pages with a lot of incoming backlinks
  • Enhance the backlink picker. It's now smarter about the sorting of items and shows bolded matched text.
Other updates and improvements:
  • Ability to toggle between tasks and checklists on mobile
  • Added forward and back buttons on the desktop, web and iPad apps
  • Added support for custom protocols (e.g., things://)
  • Enabled history navigation buttons on iPad
  • Introduced task creation via API (use ‘+’)
  • Improved performance for pages with many incoming backlinks
  • Improved handling of remote images—images now re-upload automatically when dragged from a browser
  • Implemented scrollbars in dark mode
  • Enhanced meeting sorting across multiple calendars
  • Adjusted positioning of the pop-up account menu when resizing the sidebar
  • Fixed an aliasing issue causing duplicate entries
We have quietly shipped support for:
  • Creating tasks through the API (use +)
  • Oscillating between tasks and checklist items on mobile.
  • Support for custom protocols (e.g. things://)
  • Add forward/back buttons to desktop, web, and iPad UI
  • Show history nav buttons on iPad
  • Fix Scrollbars in darkmode
  • Fix meeting sort for multiple calendars
  • Keep the focus in the editor when the popover opens
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Fixed an aliasing bug that was causing duplicates.
  • Fixed an editing bug on mobile that was causing the wrong note to be edited. (This one was quite a serious one, so a full post-mortem is being written up.)
  • Fix the positioning of the pop-up account menu when the sidebar is resized.
  • Ensure that audio files are saved locally before uploaded. This will dramatically reduce the risk of losing audio memos.
  • Fix an issue with remote images dragged from a browser. Previously Reflect would store the remote URL rather than re-upload the image. Now you can drag them from anywhere.
  • You can now filter by Tasks by their breadcrumbs
  • Lots of fixes around adding meetings / attendees
CleanShot 2024-03-24 at 11
  • Current will now show tasks from this daily note and all previous daily notes. Overdue will only be scheduled tasks that are overdue.
  • Update to audio recording: You can now cancel recordings with escape.
  • We just shipped a new version of the iOS app that will improve the performance.
  • We've also added support for the new hardware button on the latest iPhones. So you can set that up as a shortcut to record audio memos.
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